Grind-All Concrete Enters Into An Alliance With US Housing Consultants
Building quality relationships to maximize customer experiences

Grind-All Concrete and US Housing Consultants have entered into an exclusive business alliance that will provide high-quality services to property owners nationwide. Grind-All is a nationwide company offering permanent solutions to property issues such as raised concrete, broken curbs, holes, cracks, spalling and pitted concrete. All of the work completed by Grind-All adheres to the rigorous guidelines outlined in the HUD, ADA, 504 regulations. Grind-All’s fast, affordable solutions to concrete repair are an excellent choice when addressing outstanding deferred maintenance projects and preparing for an upcoming HUD REAC Inspections.

US Housing Consultants provides their clients with the industry’s best inspection and consulting services on HUD REAC Compliance and long-term capital planning for multifamily properties, and Grind-All provides a terrific service to ensure that property owners remain in compliance with HUD, ADA, 504 regulations and reduce liability risks. Through this business alliance, each company will be able to put property owners in contact with the right resources to ensure proper compliance at all times.

Unmatched Experience in UPCS and REAC Preparation- US Housing Consultants performs thousands of Pre-REAC and UPCS Inspections each year at multi-family housing properties across the country. The Inspection Team at US Housing Consultants understands the REAC/UPCS scoring model and uses that knowledge to help clients to get the best possible score on their inspections.

The relationship established between US Housing Consultants and Grind-All is another step in providing the highest quality services possible in the affordable housing industry. The owners of these firms are confident that the combined knowledge and experience of their teams will provide an unbeatable service to their clients.

About US Housing Consultants - US Housing Consultants is the nation’s premier multi-family housing consulting firm. We specialize in HUD and Tax Credit compliance and have worked with tens of thousands of property owners, managers and investors to address and prevent noncompliance issues. At US Housing Consultants we understand the value of Affordable Housing Programs and are committed to working with our clients to find solutions that meet their needs, and providing it at a price that they can afford.

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